Friday, October 31, 2014

Idea from Islington

Wandering along a street in Islington we saw this sign. It is part of "The Streets they left Behind" project which is currently being undertaken by Islington Heritage Service. This sees plaques being installed on Islington streets to remember all those who died from each respective street.

The following video from the BBC gives further information on the project.:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spa Fields

Opposite The London Metropolitan Archives is a delightful and attractive park "Spa Fields." Here are some snaps I took on a recent visit. It seems that Spa Fields wasn't always a park for the living. I'm pleased that Mr GeniAus suggested we take that route.

If you can't read the text on this sign at the entrance to the park then there is a good account of its history here:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Congress Presenter - Pauleen Cass

Together with my fellow 2015 Congress Official Bloggers Pauleen Cass and Shauna Hicks I will be sharing interviews with Congress presenters, attendees and organisers on this blog from time to time. These may be in the form of written responses to questions we pose or they may be videos we record using Google Hangouts on Air.

I thank Congress presenter and official blogger Pauleen Cass for being first cab off the rank, Pauleen and I hooked up earlier this week for a Google Hangout on Air where we discussed family history and Congress matters. You can watch Pauleen's interview below in this post or via this link at my Youtube channel.

New Badge on the Blog

As I am travelling to Salt Lake City for Rootstech in 2015 I was hoping that I would receive an invitation to be an Official Blogger once more for quite a few reasons some of which are selfish. Well tonight my spirits were lifted when I saw an email from Paul Nauta, Rootstech Public Affairs, with the Subject line"You're Invited to be a RootsTech 2015 Official Ambassador!"

The Official Bloggers' role has morphed to Ambassador (I guess) to recognise that broad range of social media platforms that are now being embraced by family historians. So for 2015 I will not only be blogging about Rootstech I will be using Facebook, Google+, Google Hangouts Twitter and Youtube to spread the word.

I already have an idea for the competition I will be running for someone to win a free Rootstech registration  If you have already registered then if you are the lucky winner you will get a refund. Please watch this blog for details.

I am burning the midnight oil but I just had to share my news straight away. My blog will proudly wear its new badge on its left sidebar for the next several months

Will I see you at Rootstech?

Rootstech Exhibition Area


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