Friday, December 2, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 2 December 2016

It's summer time downunder .....and the living is easy when one can sit back and relax in the heat of the day and read some excellent blog posts.

I hope you enjoy the suggestions I have for you today. I definitely learnt a thing or three from blog reading this week.

1. Edublogger, Richard Byrne, shares the lessons he has learnt from 9 years of blogging.

2. The Pages from one of my fave bookshops share their best reads of 2016 .

3. Jennifer's posting brings results.

4. A beaut idea for the festive season from Helen.

5. Helen's really getting into the Christmas spirit.

6. A handy tech tip from Carmel. Shame it was too late for my library visit this week.

7. Beaut biography of a Hawkesbury from Michelle.

8. Sailing with Kay Cottee.

9. I was attracted to this post because I have Bowe ancestors.

10. Another site to see in Tasmania.

New to Me

Anglo-Indian Project  

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Daily Grind

Sometimes Mr GeniAus asks me what I have done during the day so I thought I'd take a leaf out of the Geneaholic's book and keep a note of my activity on Tuesday. Here's how my geneaday went.

With my mate The Geneaholic, Randy Seaver, at Rootstech 
While enjoying breakfast in bed I checked social media and emails, commented on posts and shared a few bits and pieces.

Attended to the dishwasher and washing machine and pegged out the washing.

Promoted my weekend's blog posts on social media.

Ordered a .pdf copy of a Death Certificate from the GRO.

Searched Trove for ideas for Trove Tuesday post and did a few text correcions while I was at it..

Published a Trove Tuesday post on GeniAus.

Added new book purchases to Librarything account.

Downloaded photos taken on weekend from camera and phone to hard drive. Organised and tagged them. Sorted ones taken from resources at National Library into Family History folders.

Extracted info from some of the resources gathered on the library visit.

Ordered a .pdf copy of a birth from the GRO. (That's 12GBP spent on my hobby today.)

Had a break for lunch and brought the clean washing in off the line.

Went off on a tangent doing research and discovered another branch of Mr GeniAus' family had emigrated from England to Australia. Hoping we can track down some Fielding cousins in Australia.

Had a break for two hours to prepare and eat dinner, watch the news and chat with Mr GeniAus.

Back in the geneacave I wrote and scheduled another two blog posts.

Spent half an hour on the CurryAus Surname study.

Of course I dipped in and out of social media all day.

What is a typical geneaday for you?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Library Love

This post isn't about how Mr GeniAus courted me when I was a young librarian - it's about another love of mine.

A friend of ours in Canberra has been experiencing some serious health issues so Mr GeniAus and I took a spin down the freeway to spend Sunday afternoon with him. Rather than doing the 600km round trip in the day we decided to stay the night in a hotel so on Monday I could visit another love of mine, The National Library of Australia.

Entrance to the library
It's over a year since I visited the Library and, at that time, I enthused about the facelift given to some of the areas. I discovered yet more changes on my visit yesterday. The cloakroom that was on the right hand side of the entrance to the Main Reading Room has disappeared so that the entrance now seems less cluttered. I didn't notice any other changes in the Reading Room.

By 1:00pm I was ready for a comfort break and sustenance. It was when I went down to the Lower Ground Floor to grab some lunch that I noticed more changes.
The Paperplate Cafe has had a makeover (shame that there was only one sandwich left)
The casual eating/chatting area has been expanded
There are lots of power outlets and a recharging station

There is a new free locker area.
with a new water bubbler and bottle filling station
When I went back upstairs to the Family History/Newspaper area I noticed that all of the microfilm storage drawers and newspaper racks had shmick new labelling. On my last visit, the day the area opened, there were some finishing touches needed.

Storage for current newspapers with schmick labelling
On my way out of the library I heard commentary of a cricket match. There was in an area near the Main Reading area some comfortable seating and a large screen TV playing the cricket.

Anyone for cricket?
After a productive six hours of ancestor chasing it was time to head home.

I wonder what changes I will find on my next visit.

Looking out into the foyer from the Reading Room entrance

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trove Tuesday - Ancestry

For today's post I did a simple search "trace ancestry"and was rewarded with the following post that was published in several Australian newspapers in 1911. I chose this one to share because it was the clearest image of those I viewed.

Although written over 100 years ago much of  the content in this article rings true today.

1911 'HOW TO TRACE YOUR ANCESTRY.', Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 - 1954), 7 October, p. 5. , viewed 29 Nov 2016,


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