Friday, November 28, 2014

Where GeniAus gets a chance to play Santa.

One of the nice perks of being a Rootstech Ambassador is that I get to give some lucky person a nice Christmas present

The kind folk at Rootstech have given me "One complimentary RootsTech 2015 3-day pass ($239 value) for one of your lucky subscribers." If you have already registered for Rootstech you can still enter this competition as I will supply a code to the winner and, if you have already registered, you will get a refund from Rootstech. If you haven't registered yet winning this competition might just change your mind about attending this premier event in Salt Lake City in February 2014.

This prize only covers your entry to the event, you will be responsible for all travel, accommodation and incidental expenses.

So what do you have to do to win this prize? 

You need to tell me in 50 words or less using as much Geneajargon as you can from my Geneadictionary why you are or why you would like to attend Rootstech 2015. Of course you could use newly created geneajargon that can be added to the Geneadictionary. As a condition of entry you give permission for your entry to be posted in the Geneadictionary.

Please email your entries to by midnight (GMT) Friday 12 December.

I look forward to reading your contributions.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trove Tuesday - Family Photos

I just came across this post from twelve months ago and as I liked the article so much I am reposting it.


This week finds me knee-deep in photos. My cousin lent me a small suitcase of photos belonging to her parents Thomas William Curry and Lillian Duncan who were my parents' siblings. In that case I have found many treasures.

I wondered what Trove had to say about family photos. The following is an article from the Australian Women's Weekly in 1971. You can view the article here

1971 '[No heading].', The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), 23 June, p. 32, viewed 26 November, 2013,

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Currys Downunder

My maiden name is Curry, I am descended from an Irish convict,  Patrick Curry, who was transported to the colony of New South Wales in 1825. In addition to collecting information on Paddy's descendants downunder I have gathered quite a few references to unrelated Currys.

Some Australian Currys 1970
Since joining The Surname Society recently I have registered a surname study for the Curry Surname in Australia. As I have never seriously undertaken a surname study before I am on my L plates, I have taken on board advice that has been shared in the Society's forums and information on the Guild of One-Name Studies site (I'm a member there too).

How will I go about this?

  • I have opened a new project in my Family Historian software into which I have imported my Australian Currys. Several Society members already use  Family Historian for their Surname studies so there is much help available.
  • I will add any new Curry references I fins to this project.
  • I have set up a Wordpress blog through which I will share Curry stories, trivia and news as wll as reports on my research. This blog which is currently private will be launched early in 2015.
  • I already have 8,000+ Curry references in an Excel spreadsheet. I am currently massaging this data so that I can use Colin's free XL to Ged utility to convert the data in the spreadsheet to a gedcom file that I can import into my Family Historian project.
  • I will set up a few Google alerts that will hopefully retrieve some Curry news from the web. I will have to put some thoughts into crafting these so that I don't get lots of news about Indian cuisine.
  • I will search the various databases at my disposal to find Currys.
  • I will see what Mr Google can find for me on the web.
  • I will promote my study on social media so that others will be aware of  the study. The hashtag will be #CurryAus and the URL of my blog will contain CurryAus.
  • I will use Evernote as a tool to keep track of the blog and its posts.
  • Apart from that I will just learn as I go.

If you have any Australian Currys in your tree or among your friends and neighbours I'd love to hear about them. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

GeniAus: GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 21 November 2014

Apologies for this late posting of the 9th edition of GAGs. I have been travelling and suffering from dodgy internet conections.  My friends on social media will understand the difficulties I am presently facing with an unreliable satellite connection.  Hopefully I will be back on track for next week's edition.

I present for you reading pleasure in no particular order some selections from my RSS feeds up to 21/11/2014.

1.A fine family home.

2. Some guidelines for public behaviour.

3. My Mum always made coconut ice for fetes and fairs.

4. Oyster Saloons in Austalia.

5. Georgie's is a new blog I am following.

6. Jenny reconnects with a cousin.

7.  My Dad was a DA man too.

8. I wonder if Alex is considering a one-name study?


10. Thanks for this blogging idea Alona.


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